Registration Procedure


Facing the purchasing decision maker and bringing together national retail distribution terminals buyer, R&D personnel of finished products, international buyers and brand potential customers.


The best platform for publishing new products and promoting new technologies.
The perfect opportunity to publicize brand building and improve industry awareness.


International and well-known brands gather together.
Combining with Chengdu's geographical advantages, it is the best choice to develop skin care products and perfume market.


Professional buyer organization and targeted marketing.
Numerous media publicity support and VIP reception services to ensure the quality and quantity of buyers.



 Exhibits Scope 

  • Nutritional supplements: dietary health products, functional supplements, probiotics, therapeutic health products, enzymes, nourishing health wine, anti-aging, etc;

    Nourishing and nourishing categories: authentic medicinal herbs, Chinese herbal decoction pieces, health tea, Chinese herbal health products, Chinese herbal supplements, etc;

    Beauty and beauty products: beauty oral liquid, anti-aging products, natural beauty products, Chinese herbal beauty products, etc;

    High end imported recuperation products: packaged drinking water products, functional drinking water products, high-end imported health food, health drinks, etc;

 The Categeory of Visitors 

  • Wholesalers, agents, distributors, traders, retailers, importers of nutritional supplements;

    Nutritional products specialty stores, chain stores, beauty/hair/nail salons, plastic surgery/medical beauty institutions, and maternity and baby products stores and pharmacies, etc;

    Large supermarkets, stores, department stores, hotels, etc;

    Purchasers and WeChat groups on e-commerce platforms such as;

    Manufacturers, research and development personnel, brand owners, and procurement personnel of nutritional supplements;

    Nutrition industry associations, industry media, mass media, and self media;

    Government agencies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, etc.