Exhibition Cost


«  Standard exhibition booth: (Note:20% of surcharge on the booths with two sides open).

«  International enterprises: USD 3500 per exhibition period with 3m*3m booth.

«  Indoor Raw Space: USD 350 per square meter.

        Note: Each standard booth with 9 square meters shall include 3 sides walls, carpet, one table with two chairs, two spotlights and one 220V/500W power socket. For raw space renting, 36 square meters minimum per booth, only exhibition space offered (including 24-hour cleaning/security services), without display racks and appliances.

«  New Products Promotion/Release: 30 minutes/ 10000 CNY

«  New Products Promotion/Release Venue Configuration: venue Layout, stage construction, electronic screen, speakers, audience arrangement, drinking water and other supporting services;